Hey there!

I'm Arturo Salek

I am fascinated by people; how they function, how they interact with software and am constantly finding ways to make their lives easier through the software they interact with.

At my core, I am a creator and a problem solver. I thrive when building and creating or when finding novel solutions. I have a very strategic mind and have become accustomed to juggling resources, projects and people in high pressure environments. I am obsessive with finding and leveraging efficiencies within systems.

My main objective is to use a blend of technology and design to challenge the status quo and create novel but useful solutions to make people’s day-to-day better.

Thank you for dropping by!

My Career so far

I've been a major part of 3 full platform redesigns for multi million dollar B2B products and personally led one of them.

I've helped redesign and launch 2 consumer websites that serve hundreds of thousands of recurring customers.

I have experience in security, encryption, semiconductors, eCommerce, VR, airports/airlines, complex data visualization & franchising.

UX Design
Product Design
Design Systems
Animation & Motion
Adobe XD
After Effects
Premier Pro

Here are some of the companies I've worked with

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