Scaling a crypto exchange.

Simplify, focus & streamline

Project Overview
We had just rebuilt our Netcoins Mobile app from the ground up to prepare for rapid growth from our expansion into the USA.

In order to provide seamless onboarding and money transfers, our primary focus had been on registration and supporting state-compliant fund/withdrawal methods.

It was time to overhaul our main product offering: trade.
My Contributions
Redesigning the trade flow was an initiative I had been pushing since I interviewed for the role.

After conducting thorough research, gathering requirements, aligning key stakeholders, and negotiating resources, I took charge as the principal designer for this initiative.

I spearheaded the entire design process from discovery to delivery.

How it started

Trade had served the company well to this point but due to tech debt, revolving outsourcing teams and no internal mobile engineers it was started as a disjointed frankenstein of a product. In preparation for the influx of users from our expansion to the states and in preparation for future iterations it became necessary to rebuild the platform alongside the rest of the app.

After the reskin

The scope of the reskin was to achieve consistency and standardization across the platform. By establishing a solid foundation with standardized modular building blocks, the product became more cohesive and user-friendly. Through this exercise, the design system was established, which paved the way for future iterations of the product.

As a result of the short timeline we were given (a couple of months), and the limited resources (one mobile dev) we were limited in the changes we could make to Trade. Our focus was primarily on making frontend changes, and we had to be very strategic in our approach. While we were able to achieve our goal of creating a better starting point, it was by no means the ideal solution. Despite these limitations, we were able to create a more cohesive and user-friendly platform that laid the foundation for future iterations.
UX Pillars
For this project I wanted to make sure I was asking the right questions and solving the right problems. These were the three guiding pillars to keep accountability:
  1. Targeted user tasks:
    The user should be able to complete their tasks easily and efficiently. and it should be clear what task is expected of them at any point.
  2. Flexibility for the user:
    The user should be able to change their course of action intuitively, without being redirected.
  3. Education for the user:
    The user should feel informed and confident about their decisions through every step of their journey.

Coin Details: Before

Main areas for potential improvements:
  1. Improve use of space, show more relevant information
  2. Improve design of chart, show more relevant information
  3. This information should be updated to reflect selected range*
  4. Learn more takes you to a risk statement, label should be updated or destination should be more relevant
  5. By having user decide action here we can streamline following pages
  6. It would be great to have personal information about gains and losses per asset on this page

Coin Details: After

What changed?
  1. Buy/sell action moved here
  2. More emphasis on graph, more functional
  3. Value axis can be done in a more useful way
  4. Summary of asset price change over selected period
  5. Improve use of space, show more relevant information
  6. News could go here (about specific crypto)
    1. could be a distraction but could also be a reason for a user to enter this screen more often - data decision

Coin Input: Before

Main areas for potential improvements:
  1. This can be moved to previous screen
  2. Huge waste of space for not a lot of information
  3. this can be moved to previous screen
    1. the further down the path the user is the more we want to remove distractions

Coin Input: After

What changed?
  1. Clearer expected action
    1. Removed unnecessary information from this step
    2. Only two actions - both relevant
    3. optimized for “buy” or “sell”
    4. numpad on UI allows for buy to always be selected (no selection is required)
    5. no misleading input fields with different properties
  2. Continue button always visible
  3. no scrolling