Intel tackles the chip shortage.

Bespoke end to end product design and discovery

Project Overview
While the entire world was going through a historic chip shortage Intel needed to ramp up production to unprecedented levels.

To do this Intel set out to aggressively streamline their processes to squeeze every ounce of production they could out of their existing fabs while more were being built. TCM was part of this solution.
My Contributions
I was the principle designer for this project. I led the entire design process from discovery all the way to delivery.

All of this was done under an extremely aggressive timeline in which the first phase was released in just 3 months. Within the year, the product was running in Intel factories worldwide.

What is TCM?

TCM coordinates hardware maintenance within Intel factories.  It supports tracking of hardware collaterals and their travel through maintenance procedures.  It organizes maintenance tasks at individual, team and site levels so that all individuals are working efficiently and as one to meet their goals.

The following screens include the most commonly used screens within the product.
"Although the TCM project is a bit of whirlwind, Intel and our exec team are very happy. Great job!"
Senior PM
Collaterals are the giant machines that are used to test chips as they are leaving production. They do everything from testing heat, output, performance and more. They are the final step in the semi-conductor manufacturing process and as a result are very important to keep them running perfectly as much as possible.

There is a lot of information that is needed for these collaterals and so they have been split up into the tabs below.
Additional Functionality
This product was very robust and had to be able to do a lot of very custom things. Everything from a node editing editing system, to a task board, versioning of components, to complex tagging that can pass values on behalf of the user on execution.

A lot of the details are very domain specific or confidential so while there is some context missing here are some examples of those screens.
Responsive Design
This project was meant to be on tablets and so all the screens were designed to be modular and responsive. Here are some of the examples for the tablet views for the screens above.
TCM has been a resounding success, our contracts have been renewed 4 times with our responsibilities expanded with every release. PEER has been awarded the preferred supplier award from Intel and our product is being installed in Intel factories worldwide. As our very own CEO puts it:
"Way easier to sell to an account when the team executes flawlessly and delights their customers"
Mike Kropp