Automating Semiconductor Manufacturing

Full Platform Redesign

PEER Group
PEER Group is the largest supplier of factory automation software for high-volume manufacturers and equipment makers in the semiconductor and related industries.

We help lower the cost of automation for our customers by solving their most challenging equipment automation, data management, and process control problems.
My Contributions
I led the full product redesign from end to end and helped to designed the component library that would be used to create all new screens moving forward.
“A design system acts as the connective tissue that holds together your entire platform.”
― Drew Bridewell, Invision
PTO is a very robust product that allows for communication between semi conductor factories and their machines and vice versa.

These machines cost hundreds of millions of dollars and can do anything from etching complex circuit patterns using lithography, to spraying coats of copper the thickness of an atom hundreds of times a second.

The precision and technology of these tools make them the most complex tools humans have ever created to date. Because of this it is very important that all the tools work together perfectly. Unfortunately, a lot of this was running on very legacy systems from 20 years ago so my job was to redesign PTO for the modern web browser.
Scalable Design
Since PTO is made to be customizable and is meant to work with any tools from any supplier (that follows SEMI standards) these components were designed with scalability in mind.

Google Material's card based system was used as inspiration for the structure of the new screens because of it's modular affordances. Having functionality being built into cards made it easy to build rules that allowed for different screens and for different configurations of tools.